A native of Toronto, Shelly Nidia Sophia Richardson is a self-taught jewelry designer with a degree in Information Technology and Visual Arts. She began creating jewelry as a hobby, but only took the idea of starting a jewelry business seriously when she began receiving many compliments from friends, family, and strangers walking down the street. Ever since, Shelly has been creating handcrafted pieces for clients all over the world, and hasn’t looked back!

Shelly Nidia Sophia Richardson designs jewelry based on the idea that there are many different kinds of beauty and that everyone’s individual beauty is best represented when allowed to be expressed in its natural state. In other words, her designs celebrate many different kinds of beauty, from classic and refined, exotic and wild, to quiet and conservative. These types of beauty and personality are uniquely reflected in handcrafted pieces using only best semi-precious and precious gemstones, and natural minerals. Believing that each different type of gemstone has its own character, Shelly sometimes draws inspiration from her pieces through the materials itself. She also draws inspiration from the cultural aesthetics of many different countries ranging from the decadent patterns of a silk Indian Sari, to the structural genius of the Egyptian pyramids. As a result she is able to create a collection of pieces that appeal to a wide range of personalities and personal styles, and she has created a lot of women’s peal choker.