Spring 2006 Jewelry Trends
by Nidia Sophia Jewelry

Wood is being featured very prominently in Spring and Summer 2006 accessories. Many jewelry designers will be featuring long and layered chunky wooden necklaces in bold designs. Here at Nidia Sophia Jewelry, this trend is interpreted in earrings and bracelets in the form of current yet elegant and sophisticated designs with attention to detail and color. Wooden beads are combined with gemstones for a totally unique look.

Seashells & Ocean Blue
I have had a love affair with Seashells from as long as I can remember. Many of our Sealife inspired pieces will fit very well with the Nautical theme that is prevalent in fashion this Spring and Summer.

In stark contrast to last years materials which featured sparkly and translucent gemstones, we are seeing a surgence of natural and earthy stones and materials in jewelry. In addition to wood, the Nidia Sophia line features pieces using unusual stones like Japanese Artistic Stone (also known as Mocha Jasper), Bronzite, Rhodocrosite and Pearl.

Ethnic Inspired Jewelry
Ethnic inspired jewelry designs take center stage once again for Spring & Summer 2006 jewelry. Ethnic inspired pieces are rich in detail and craftsmanship and are a favorite here at Nidia Sophia Jewelry.