• Vermeil:
    Pronounced vur-may, vermeil is a 14-karat gold layer measuring 100 millionths of an inch, over sterling silver. Standard plated metal is 2 millionths of an inch and is much less durable than vermeil. Although less durable than gold-filled, vermeil is more durable than gold-plating. With proper care, your vermeil jewelry will last for years.

    Vermeil Care:
    Seeing as vermeil is a thin coating of gold, it requires that care is taken to avoid rigourous polishing. It is possible that the silver underneath may oxidize. So store your vermeil pieces in a zip-loc bag. In all cases I suggest that you not wear your jewelry when swimming or bathing! See the Policies page for more general care information.


  • 14 Karat Gold Filled Metal:
    The term gold-filled refers to a process of binding metals in which a thin layer of 14-karat gold, normally 1/20th of an inch, is pressure-bonded to a brass core. This is sometimes referred to as 14/20 or 1/20th 14 karat. This refers to the ratio of gold to brass, by weight, which is 5%. Because of the pressure bonding, the gold surface metal will not rub off or tarnish and it is very durable.

    14 Karat Gold Filled Metal Care:
    This metal can be cared for much the same way as sterling silver. It is best to store your jewelry in zip-loc bags between each wear. See the Policies page for more general care information.


  • Sterling Silver Metal:
    This metal is composed of 92.5% fine (pure) silver, and 7.5% alloy, usually copper. The copper alloy strengthens the metal so that it can be fabricated into jewelry. If unalloyed, silver is generally too soft to work.

Sterling Silver Metal Care:
When exposed to air, silver will oxidize or tarnish. To preserve the finish on your sterling silver jewelry, wipe the piece after each wear, and store in a zip-loc plastic bag. If cleaning is required, I suggest a special silver polishing cloth available at many jewelry shops or hardward stores. See the Policies page for more general care information.