• Payment Methods:
    I accept VISA MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card and eCheck securely through Paypal, which is also free.
    A Paypal account is not necessary to make credit card payments on my site. Paypal is quick and easy, and now allows buyers to securely pay for their purchases whether they have a paypal account or not.

  • If you do not wish to pay for the purchases online, you can also request jewelry via email, and send payment via Money Order. Sorry, no personal checks.

  • All Paypal & Credit Card transactions on my website are guarded by a secure server with the latest encryption technology. This secure server codes all of your information, including your credit card number, so that it cannot be read or used by any party other than the credit card billing company. Even I can’t read it, or access your credit card number in any way, shape or form.


I ship to Canada, USA, Australia, Asia and Europe. Please contact me to discuss other available shipping options.


Purchase Total
Shipping Cost
up to $299.99
$300.00 – $599.9
$600.00 – $899.99
$900.00 – $999.99
$1,000.00 and up



All Parcels will be shipped via Canada Post Airmail delivery. Delivery standards for Canada and the US are ten business days. International destinations may take up to fifteen business days.

  • Return Policy: If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are more than welcome to return it for a full refund, but shipping costs will not be refunded. The item must be returned in its original condition within two weeks of recieving it. Shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Please email me to recieve an RMA number before returning your merchandise.

    Repairs: When I create my designs, I always test them before selling them to insure that they are wearable, and that they wont fall apart. However, if you have any problems with your item that requires repairing, I will be happy to repair it for you FREE of charge, within the first 6 months of purchase. Shipping and insurance costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

    • Due to the fact that sterling silver and gold will tarnish and accumulate oils from the skin with wear, it is suggested that you store your jewelry in either an air-tight container made of smooth material, such as a small plastic box or pouch. Try to avoid storing your precious metal in any leather or paper crafted boxes – these may promote tarnishing seeing as they may have been chemically treated. Storing jewelry in a metal container may promote scratching on the surface of the jewelry. The absolute best way to store your jewelry is in an anti-tarnish jewelry box, which will allow you to preserve your jewelry better than other methods.

    • Handmade jewelry can be delicate and may tangle easily – therefore it is recommended that you take a little extra care in storing and wearing your pieces. While storing your jewelry try not to pile them on top of each other as this can promote tangling.

  • To clean your jewelry, it is suggested that you gently polish with a soft cloth. Store bought liquid jewelry cleaner can cause damage to gemstones. To remove dirt and oil from metal crevices, dilute a little bit of toothpaste in lukewarm water; soak your jewelry for a minute or two and then very gently scrub over the metal with soft toothbrush – then rinse and pat dry.

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